Tinder Tips: Here are the 10 Best Tinder Tips [Updated Fall 2021]

Whether you are a Tinder Frequent Flyer or you’re just starting out in the world of online dating, this article will give you the top 10 Tinder tips for you to maximise your chances of matching and dating on Tinder.

Being successful on dating apps like Tinder or Bumble isn’t as hard as the Internet leads you to believe. By following these 10 Tinder tips and tricks you will get more matches in the long term. Why? Simply because your profile will stand out in a positive way.

Standing out is what allowed me to travel around Europe for free using only Tinder to find accommodation. With more than 7 years of swiping experience and more than 1500 guys coached, trust me, the following tips are gold!

Let’s get down to business now.

The keys to a good Tinder photo

Here’s my first tinder tips. The amount of matches you are getting depends on one thing and one thing only: your pictures. When we talk about online dating, pictures are key! They are more important than your bio and more important than texting. You can have excellent texting skills but who are you going to text if you can’t match with anyone?

Tinder Tips Torso Zebotta

1. Head and torso

This is the kind of photo that works!

Is there a certain kind of photo that works best and will guarantee you matches?

The answer is yes. The head and torso one.

Keep reading and discover why such a photo is key when it comes to getting you matches on dating apps like Tinder or Bumble.

HERE IS Everything you need to know about clean head and torso shots

1. Be cool

You need to understand that Tinder is not the safest place for women. They have a hard time trusting guys (and rightfully so!) because of the following: guys using fake pictures, married dudes, dick pic senders, and so on.

Judge by yourself:

Tinder Tips Safety
Tinder Tips Safety 2
Tinder Tips Safety 3

Your first goal will be to gain ladies’ trust, to prove to them you are a regular, cool dude that will not try to harm them. How do you do that? Simply by clearly showing your face. This might sound very normal but trust me, this is the best Tinder tip you can ever get.

2. Clean and simple

This is your Tinder profile and nobody else’s. YOU must be the center of attention at all times. Ladies are interested in seeing YOU. You, you, you and you. Nothing else matters.

Try to get a neutral background where there are few distractions, this way the viewer’s eye is drawn straight to your face.

Tinder Tips Background Ok

By clean I mean your upper body and face must be clearly visible. They must be the center of attention in the photo.

3. Show your head

Every single part of your face has to stay clearly visible.

That means:

– No sunglasses

Tinder tips Zebotta Sunglasses Ok
Tinder tips Zebotta Sunglasses No

– No half face selfies


– No mask covering your face


– Preferably no hat on


Once again, the idea here is for ladies to see you. Your eyes, your chin, your teeth. If ladies can see there is nothing wrong with your face, you’re halfway there. 

4. Torso shot

Alright, so you already have a clean background and your head is clearly visible. What’s next?
Including your upper body. 

Judge by yourself:



Why is such a picture so important? 2 reasons:

  • Ladies will be able to see you are a normal dude and not a catfish.
  • That is simply the best way to portray yourself.

By using clean head and torso shots you will get more matches. Again, this is one of the best Tinder tips ever! Putting out there the best version of yourself is key and clean head and torso shots are what you need in order to do so.

What kind of photos shouldn’t you upload ?

There are some pictures that ladies hate to see whilst they are swiping:

  • Selfies
  • Mirror selfies
  • Mirror gym selfies
  • Flexing mirror gym selfies
  • Semi-naked flexing gym mirror selfies

Those are an absolute nightmare for ladies.
Keep your shirt on fellas…
The ladies will notice you are fit during your first date.


The Zebotta Pro Tip

Want to showcase your fitness?
Wear a slightly tighter shirt and play with camera angles to really bring those guns out.

The ‘never post those pictures’ list also includes:

  • Guns
  • Snapchat filters
  • Your ex
  • Dead animals
  • Cars and motorbikes
  • Semi naked pics
  • Kids and babies

Not sure if your photo is good enough for Tinder? Assess it with the checklist below!

Bad Breath Causes Identify Behavior


  • Face clearly visible
  • Smiling
  • Looking at the camera
  • Upper body included
  • Showing your active side on at least one photo
  • Good quality photos
  • Bright colours
  • Showing your sense of humour
  • Adding an element that might provoke a reaction
Bad Breath Causes Identify Behavior


  • Snapchat filters, shirtless photo, selfies
  • Body only (no face)
  • Flexing photo
  • Photo with other girls
  • Middle finger in the air photo
  • Large group photo (more than 4 persons)
  • Anything that’s sex-related photo
  • Bad quality photos
  • Photo with cars, guns, dead animals, kids and cigarettes

Smile and look

Should you smile in your Tinder photos?

It’s ultimately up to you, but I would recommend you do.

There are two schools here:

  • The one that will tell you to smile because a smiling guy is supposed to be fun to hang out with 😁
  • The one that will tell you not to smile so you create a bit of mystery 😔

Tinder and dating apps in general should stay fun. And a smiling guy looks fun! A smile is also a sign of positive attitude and good vibes, two key elements that women are usually after.

Can’t go wrong with a smile!

Make sure to be smiling in at least 50% of your photos. Once again, sending out good vibes is key for online daters.


Look at the camera

Should you look at the camera? Yes! Eye-contact is super necessary.

When you are in a bar and try to seduce someone, you look that person in the eyes, right? Same goes for Tinder. Look at the camera! Even if it’s through a screen, eye-contact will create a bit of magic.

One or two ‘no look’ pictures are fine but the importance of making eye-contact should not be overlooked. This is not only a Tinder tip but also great advice for life and seduction in general.


How many pictures do you need?

Between 4 and 6. Less than 4 is dodgy. Remember, we want ladies to trust you! Even if you look like Brad Pitt, any profile with only one or two photos will raise a few eyebrows for sure. Uploading minimum 4 photos is required in order to get matches on Tinder.


More than 6 is not necessary. Ladies have enough material to identify what you look like, no need to overdo it by uploading your entire gallery. Leave a little to the imagination. Keeping a small part of mystery and not revealing every single part of your personality is important.


Your Bio… Never do this!

Your photos are the most important elements of your profile. However, a bad bio can get ladies to swipe left, even if you are killing it with the photos.

Here are a few great Tinder tips for your bio:

Dating apps are fast apps.

Everything has to happen quickly. It’s not like Facebook or Instagram where people can spend hours aimlessly scrolling down their feed. No one will read your 15 lines long bio. Keep it short and simple.

Don’t mention those words.

Don’t mention the words ‘entrepreneur’, ‘travel’ or ‘fitness’. It is too mainstream; everyone loves a nice trip and a good workout. Remember, your goal must be to stand out in a positive way, to be unique.

This is Tinder, not Linkedin.

No one wants to read your CV. Your job is typically something you can mention during the conversation. Not in your bio.

Mind your grammar.

Spelling mistakes are a huge turn off!

Is the half second you saved typing “ur” instead “your” going to change your life? No.

Instead of writing a book in the ‘about me’ section, why don’t you use your bio to provoke a reaction?

Ex: ‘I believe that Netflix is a better invention than guacamole, full stop.’

It is short and straight to the point. Reactions guaranteed!

How to start a conversation

The Internet is full of so-called Tinder experts that pretend to have found THE pick-up line that works every time. Let’s be honest: that’s bullsh*t.

Why? Because everyone is different. Some people drink coffee, others drink tea. Some like blonde women, some prefer Latinas…

The same applies to Tinder: some ladies like a funny opener, others are happy with a simple GIF.

Now, of course there are messages that work better than others, but no opener will successfully get a 100% text back rate.

However, here are a few Tinder tips you can apply to your texting game:

Make it personal

Make sure to give your match’s profile a full scan. Do you notice anything? Is there anything mentioned in the bio that you would like to comment on? If so, go for it! It will mean you took the time to analyse her profile and shows you have a real interest in getting to know her.

Never start a conversation with a simple ‘hey’.

When you meet a woman in a bar, do you simply go to her and say ‘hey’ then nothing else? No, you don’t. Same applies to Tinder.

Don’t copy paste

Copying and pasting this brand new pick up line your dating guru just told you is not a good idea. Women hate it when they can feel the message has been copy pasted. And trust me, they will notice. Women be women after all.

In need of inspiration? Check out my 6 easy ways to start a conversation on Tinder!

Pick your opener carefully

You can find thousands of cheesy ice breakers on the Internet. Be careful with the ones you choose because the line between ‘funny’ and ‘douchy’ is not always easy to spot.

Ex: “Do you like Mexican food? Because I want to wrap you in my arms and make you my baeritto.”

Ex 2: “Is your name homework? ‘Cause I’m not doing you but I should be”


How to keep the conversation going

You got a match…
You sent the first message…
The woman texts you back…
Now, how do you keep the conversation going on Tinder? 😧

The key is to keep ladies interested

A lady that has no interest in talking to you won’t text you back.

How do you keep the conversation going on Tinder?

  • Ask questions. Showing genuine interest in getting to know someone is always a positive element.
  • Spice up the conversation with emoji’s. 😁👍🏻🙂😍😎😌 Emoji’s do add a bit of life to a conversation. They add colours and therefore produce a nice visual effect. No need to overdo it though!
  • Don’t always take 3 days to text back. How do you want to engage in a proper conversation if you text back days later? The point is not that you should always text her back within 30 seconds (as a matter of fact, you shouldn’t!) but don’t wait too long either.

Even by following all these Tinder tips, keeping a conversation alive on Tinder for more than 10 days is an uphill task. Try and move the conversation away from Tinder as soon as possible.

When to ask for her number?

Don’t ask for her number/her Instagram straightaway! Big mistake.

Engage in a normal conversation then after a few messages ask her if she is on Instagram and/or Whatsapp (or any other messaging app of your choice).

Curious to see how you could get her number? Check it out here!

Add her on Instagram!

Adding ladies on Instagram can be a smart move. Why? Because meeting up with someone is not always easy. She has too much work, you are going on holidays, and so on. Shit happens (who would have predicted that the world would stop for months due to a stupid virus!).

Adding someone on Instagram allows you to stay in touch without even having to message. You watch her stories, she watches yours. Eventually in a few weeks time she will reply to one of your stories. You will then be able to engage the conversation again and try to set up a date.

That is one of the best ways to keep the ‘conversation’ going on the long term.

Use Joe Exotic and Coronavirus

How on Earth can Joe Exotic and Coronavirus help you with your Tinder profile?

Well, 5 years from now, they probably won’t. But right now, they can!

Being current and bringing up stuff that’s going on in the world is (almost) always a guaranteed success on Tinder. Valentine’s Day, Coronavirus, elections (be careful here!), the latest season of your favorite show… you get the idea!

One of the best Tinder tips I can give you is that not only can you use stuff that’s going on in the world during the conversation but you could also link up your bio to that particular topic.

My bio during lockdown was ‘Did Carole Baskin really kill her husband or nah?’. Ladies loved it!
See for yourself:


Beat the algorithms

Every Tinder expert/journalist has got his (of her) opinion on Tinder algorithms but no one seems to really agree on them.

Is it true that Tinder Gold users get more matches?
Does the ELO score still exist?
Does Tinder really shadow ban some profiles?

No one knows the exact truth, myself included.

But why does no one knows the truth?
Because algorithms are complex computer stuff that requires years of studies to be properly understood, that’s it.

But there is one thing that everyone seems to agree on: don’t fast swipe to the right. You can do it once, no worries. But don’t ONLY fast swipe to the right. The algorithms will detect it and your profile will end up at the bottom of the pile, which will result in you getting almost no matches.

Be Positive

I have covered this before but please: be positive. Negative energy is not attractive.

But how to actually show your positive attitude…

In your pictures

Simple: smile on at least half of your pictures. A darker “Giorgio Armani” style is great too but you need pictures of you smiling. Once again: sending out good vibes is an excellent Tinder tip!

In your bio

Simply don’t complain about anything and you will be fine.

During the conversation

Everybody has got rough days where you feel a bit average, it’s natural. But avoid complaining too much. And if your match asks you how you feel, it is perfectly normal to tell her the truth (never lie!). Simply add a positive twist to your message and you are good to go!

Act on Tinder you would on real life

Tinder is no different than real life. There is no need for you to act differently on Tinder than you would in real life.

Never forget to apply these 5 essential Tinder tips to your game:

1. Look people in the eyes

When you are trying to seduce a woman in a bar, you look at her in the eyes, right? You don’t look at your shoes or at the ceiling. Same applies to dating apps! Try to look at the camera in at least half of your pictures. See point 3 above for more details.

2. Don’t just say ‘hey’

Nobody sane in their head would walk up to someone in real life and simply say ‘hey’ and nothing else. Add something to your first message!

3. Don’t offer sexual things

Same example applies here: would you walk up to a stranger and ask her if she wants to have sex with you? Nope. So why would you do it on Tinder?

4. Don’t insult anyone

That seems like a very basic rule, but you would be surprised by the number of ladies who have been insulted on dating apps.

She doesn’t want to give you her number? So what? That does NOT give you the right to insult her. Never.

Karma is a strange thing. That lady who you insulted could be your boss in a few years time. Be careful with your attitude and never disrespect anyone.

5. Don’t ghost anyone

When asked a question, answer it. Even a week later. There is nothing worse than being left without an answer. What would you prefer: a girl that tells you she is not into you or a girl that never answers? Truth might be hard to hear but it is always better than silence.

The end

We are done for now: these were the best 10 Tinder tips you could find on the Internet.

Follow them all and trust me: you will be getting more matches.

Remember to:

  • Upload clear head and torso shots
  • Stay away from all kinds of selfies, gun photos, Snapchat filters and so on
  • Be positive, smile and look at the camera
  • Do not mention the words ‘travel’ or ‘entrepreneur’ in your bio
  • Move the conversation away from Tinder at some stage
  • Use stuff that’s going on in the world
  • Be a gentleman. Always!

Which tip will you be applying straight to your profile? Get in touch and let me know!

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