Tinder Photo: here are the 11 tips to get more matches [Update Fall 2021]

Your Tinder photos are key when it comes to getting matches. But what kind of photos do you actually need? Which photos should you pick for better results? Let’s dive in straight!

When you think about it, dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, OkCupid and so on all work the same: without great photos, you can NOT be successful. Selecting the right photos that will get you plenty of matches is therefore essential.

You need to see your Tinder photos as the cover of your book: they have to be attractive, positive and colourful. To sum it up, they have to stand out.

In this article, you will find the 11 best tips for you to pick the right Tinder photos and get plenty of matches!

Shall we get started?

Tinder photo 1: Avoid selfies

Staying away from selfies is a golden rule that many men seem to forget about.

But why are selfies not ideal?

Why a dude that uploads only selfies won’t get as many matches as a dude that uploads regular photos?

Let’s see.

1. Selfies are too normal

Almost every dude has at least one selfie on his Tinder profile. By uploading a selfie, you will therefore just be one dude amongst the others. We want your profile to stand out from the pack. In a positive way. It’s by positively standing out that you will get the results you are after: more matches and more dates.

Forget about elevator selfies, party selfies or even worst: gym selfies.

They just don’t work.

2. Selfies make you look egocentric

A selfie will often be interpreted as ‘Look how pretty I am, look how good I look’. Not ideal since ladies want a man that will care more about them than he does about himself. Posting one or multiple selfies as your Tinder photo(s) will make you look selfish and egocentric. And that’s definitely not what we want!

3. Selfies are too tacky

A selfie will never bring the best out of yourself. You look way better when somebody else is taking the picture.

See for yourself:


‘Ok a selfie is not ideal for Tinder but it’s the easiest way to take a photo’.

That’s probably what you are thinking at the minute, right? You are damn correct.

But what about these two options? Isn’t it super simple as well?

1. Buy a tripod on the Internet. Make sure it has a remote control. Press the button and say cheese!

2. Use the timer of your phone. Put your phone on a flat surface and use a bottle of water to hold it. Move at least a meter away (depending on what phone you are using) and pose.

See the result:


Good enough, no? Take your own photo and send it to me on Instagram, I will give you my honest thoughts about it!

Tinder photo 2: Clearly show your face

Tinder is not known as being the safest place for ladies. Ask your ladies friends who use (or have used) the app. Some of them have probably already matched dudes that were using fake photos or even married guys. Because yes, some guys spend their time matching ladies on Tinder using somebody else photos (some people really have too much time on their hands, wtf).

Women will do everything they can to stay away from those dudes (and rightfully so!). When it comes to your Tinder photos, your first goal must therefore be to show you are a regular, normal dude. A cool, smiling guy that ladies would want to grab a drink with. A guy that, physically, has nothing to hide.

But how to do that? By clearly showing your face.


What are the real positive points of doing that?

1. It helps you gain ladies’ trust

It might sound weird but if your profile looks dodgy, you won’t get any matches. Having your eyes and your mouth visible will help you get more matches. When it comes to your Tinder photos, proving that you are not a catfish must be your number one priority. Sounds cheesy and very basic but it is what it is!

2. Ladies want to see you

They want to see what you look like. They want to see the man they could potentially go on a date with. That means no hat, no sunglasses (a very common mistake on Tinder!) or no scarf that covers half of your face. Just you and your pretty face: that’s what ladies really want to see.

3. You simply look better

You simply look way better when you clearly show your face. Remember, it’s all about selling yourself in the best way possible.


Tinder Photo #3: Upload at least 4 photos

How many Tinder photos do you need?

The answer is: more than 3.

Why? For the exact same reasons explained above: less than 4 photos and your profile will look dodgy. You can be Brad Pitt but if you upload only 2 photos on Tinder, you won’t get no matches. 


Having at least 4 photos is a key element when it comes to getting matches on Tinder. It allows ladies to see you under different angles but also to make sure you are just a cool dude to hang out with. Which is exactly what they are after.

Tinder Tips 4: Don’t upload more than 6 photos

Tinder gives you the opportunity to upload up to 9 photos (in certain countries that number can go up to 20!). But doing so is probably not an excellent idea.

Here is why:

  • The more photos you upload, the more chances you have that one of those photos will turn off ladies (for whatever reason). That means she will swipe left on you: game over.
  • Keep a small part of mystery. By posting between 4 and 6 Tinder photos, you give enough content for ladies to make sure you are real without revealing every single aspect of your personality.
  • No need to upload your all gallery. You better post 4 good photos rather than posting 9, including some not so nice ones on which you don’t look at your very best. Because yes, we want your Tinder photos to show the very best version of yourself! It’s all about how good can you sell yourself. Tinder is like marketing, basically.

The Zebotta Pro Tip

Mix it up!
Don’t always wear the same colours. You have a black t-shirt on your first photo? Try to upload something more colorful on the next one. Same goes for backgrounds (inside vs outside), poses and dress code.

Tinder Photo 5: Include your upper body

Tinder is a so-called fast app, meaning everything has to happen quickly. You only have a few seconds to convince. It is therefore crucial you show yourself under your best day on every single one of your Tinder photos.

How to do that?

A picture of your face only is not the sexiest thing on Earth. Same for a photo that has been taken from too far away (on which we can barely recognize you).

The best Tinder photo is a clean head and torso shot.

What does that mean? A photo on which both your face and your upper body are clearly visible.

See for yourself!


When you ask yourself the question ‘What Tinder photo do I need to choose?’ the answer must be a photo on which both your upper body and face are clearly visible. Why? Because, again, that’s simply the best way to sell yourself. 

Avoid noisy backgrounds

Try to go for a neutral background. A background that won’t take the attention away from you. The focus has to be on you, on your face. Not on your mates in the background. Remember, this is your profile: you have to be the center of attention at all time.

Not sure if your photo is good enough for Tinder?

Assess it with this checklist!

Bad Breath Causes Identify Behavior


  • Face clearly visible
  • Smiling
  • Looking at the camera
  • Upper body included
  • Showing your active side on at least one photo
  • Good quality photos
  • Bright colours
  • Showing your sense of humour
  • Adding an element that might provoke a reaction
Bad Breath Causes Identify Behavior


  • Snapchat filters, shirtless photo, selfies
  • Body only (no face)
  • Flexing photo
  • Photo with other girls
  • Middle finger in the air photo
  • Large group photo (more than 4 persons)
  • Anything that’s sex-related photo
  • Bad quality photos
  • Photo with cars, guns, dead animals, kids and cigarettes


*no credit card needed, no need to buy anything: 100% free

Tinder Photo 6: Keep your shirt on

You spend hours in the gym weeks in weeks out. You mind your nutrition and even count the calories and macros you are eating. You have a chiselled six pack, Cristiano Ronaldo style. Respect man!

Sorry but… ladies do not care! Of course, a guy that takes care of himself has got more chances to be swiped right. But big guns don’t necessarily mean big amount of matches.


You can forget about all your shirtless photos

and all the Hercules gym mirror selfies. Flexing pics simply do not work.

Want to show that you are fit? Wear a slightly tighter shirt or play with camera angles.

Watch out: that does not mean every sports photo is a bad idea. It’s actually the opposite. Showing yourself doing stuff is always a good idea. Women don’t fall for dudes who spend 99% of their time playing Fortnight. And even if that’s the case, try not to sell yourself as such.

So, what’s a good sports photo? Simply make sure you keep your shirt on and have your face clearly visible. It has to be clear from the beginning than this is you.


To sum it up: your Tinder photo must NEVER ever be a shirtless photo. Do not upload photos of yourself without a shirt on Tinder. Really.

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Tinder Photo 7: Smile

Should you be smiling on your Tinder photo? Or is it better to act like a Giorgio Armani model and keep a serious face?

Simply never forget this: no one wants to date a depressive person.

Try and smile as much as possible!

A smile can go a long way.

Now, of course there is nothing wrong with acting a bit more serious on a few of your Tinder photos. The trick is to find the right balance between smiling photos and serious ones.

Simply make sure your profile stays positive. Sending out good vibes is key. On and off Tinder.


Tinder Photo 8: This is not Instagram

Your Tinder photo is not your Instagram feed, know that.

You just came back from holidays? You took some great photos during your travels? Good man yourself! But if your face is not included on the photo, do not post it on Tinder. Same for your new shoes, new watch or this extremely funny meme (that only you find funny btw).

This is your Tinder profile. Ladies want to see you. Nothing and no one else. Just you. Your face must therefore be included on every single photo.



You must be the centre of attention at all time. If ladies want to see travel images or the latest fashion trends, they will follow National Geographic and GQ on Instagram. On Tinder, they want to see you and nothing else.

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Include your face

Yes, your puppy looks very cute. But instead of posting a photo of this poor dog on its own, make sure you also are part of the photo.

Tinder Photo 9: Use bright colors

Remember: we want your profile to stand out in a positive way. Having Tinder photos with bright colors can help you do that.

This is particularly true for your first photo. Imagine a lady swiping: all the profiles she is seeing look the same.

But suddenly, a photo with flashy colors appears.

That will 100% help you capture her attention.

Once you have her attention, she will take her time to open your profile, check your other photos and read your bio. If you don’t manage to do that, your profile will just be one amongst the others. Again, that’s not what we are aiming for: we want you to stand out in a positive way.

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Whereas a black and white filter can be ideal to add a nice artistic touch to a photo, using bright colors will sparkle your Tinder photos. Try and wear something else than black or dark blue (if possible, of course).

Dare to wear some red, yellow or orange!

Those kinds of flashy colors will captivate the ladies’ attention and add life to your profile.

Flashy colors will captivate the attention

Quick note: if you never wear those kinds of colors, don’t do it just for Tinder. Staying true to yourself is key!

Use a flashy background

Don’t feel like wearing bright colors? It’s simply not your thing? Fair enough! Try and use other bright elements like an orange wall or trendy neon lights. Lots of bars have them and they are really eye-catching.

Tinder Photo 10: The dress code

Wearing the same outfit on every single one of your Tinder photos is far from being ideal. Try and mix it up! Wear a shirt on one photo and a t-shirt on another one (and so on and so forth).

In case you decide to organize a photoshoot (excellent idea!), make sure you bring different outfits to the shoot. Wearing the same clothes on 3 out of 5 of your Tinder photos will lead in the ladies to swipe left on you.

It is pretty easy to tell when a guy has done a photoshoot.

While that certainly is a great idea, we don’t want ladies to think ‘omg this dude is so desperate that he did a photoshoot just for Tinder’.

That’s why uploading photos of yourself with different outfits is certainly a great idea. Plus, ladies will want to see you in different situations: inside/outside, having fun/more serious and so on and so forth.

Having different outfits on every single one of your Tinder photos is therefore key to maximise the number of matches you will be getting.


In addition to that, make sure to, once again, stay true to yourself. In other words, don’t show yourself in a suit on Tinder if you never wear one in real life. Girls will think they matched the new Harvey Specter while in fact you dress like Eminem.

Remember: your Tinder photos have the show the best version of yourself. Pick an outfit you look good in! Something people already made you compliments about for example. Not sure what to wear? Ask your friends!


Tinder Photo 11: Quality matters

Having only grainy, low quality pictures is not ideal. Why? Remember: Tinder is like marketing. You need to sell yourself in the best way possible.

Is uploading only low-resolution photos the best way to sell yourself? Not at all.

Now, don’t me wrong: you do not need to highest quality possible. Just regular quality photos are enough. Again, as long as your face is clearly visible, that means the quality is good enough.

This is 2020 guys: smartphones can take amazing photos. Yes, working with a professional photographer surely is a good idea. He (or she) will be able to play with camera angles, lightning and stuff to really bring the best out of yourself. But some smartphones have some good quality cameras. You can take excellent Tinder photos with a $200 phone!

Make sure the quality is ok and that your face stays clearly visible on your Tinder photo and you are good to go.

The end

We are done for now! Uploading the right photos on Tinder is not as simple as it seems to be. However, by doing just a few small stuff you will already be able to improve your Tinder game by far.

In order to get plenty of likes, make sure to:

  • Clearly show your face
  • Including your upper body
  • Stay away from selfies, sunglasses and shirtless photos
  • Upload between 4 and 6 photos
  • Use bright colors to catch the ladies’ attention
  • Wear different outfits on every single one of your photos

Which tip will you be applying straight to your profile? Get in touch and let me know!

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