Tinder bio: 9 best tips to get more matches (steal my best bios)

Writing a good Tinder bio is not as hard as it may seem. In this article, you will find the 9 best tips on how to write a Tinder bio that will get the other person to swipe right every time.

Ready? Let’s dive straight in!

These are 9 simple and easy things you can implement straight after finishing this article that will get you more matches on Tinder. This article is filled with actual screenshots from real people so you can have a clear idea of what works and what doesn’t.

1. Write something

Your Tinder bio is the only place on your profile where you can actually express yourself with words. Use it! In order to build a successful profile, you must use every single tool that has been given to you, your bio being one of them.

Leaving your Tinder bio empty is a real red flag for ladies. Do you know why? Because that’s what catfish do: they don’t write anything in their bio. Do you want ladies to think you are a catfish? Absolutely not!
Sorry to be harsh but the truth is, leaving your Tinder bio empty is a dumb move. You don’t have to be Shakespeare to write something that will get the ladies to swipe right on you. Don’t be lazy! But the fact that you are reading this shows you are willing to learn. You are on the right path!

To sum it up, the first thing you must worry about when it comes to your bio is actually… to write one!

Curious what you have to write? Keep reading! Be sure to pay extra attention to point 9: that’s THE one thing that will transform your Tinder bio and get you more matches.

2. Don’t write a book

We have just established that you shouldn’t leave your Tinder bio empty and that you should write something, but what should you actually put in that bio? First tip: don’t write a book! There is nothing more boring than someone who tells his whole life story in his bio. Why? Because no one cares!


Tinder and dating apps in general are fast apps, meaning everything has to happen quickly. Dating apps are not used in the same way Instagram or Facebook are used, for example, where people can spend hours aimlessly scrolling down their feed and watching stories. On Tinder, there is always the next guy ready to ask her out, the next swipe filled with cute boys.

Conclusion: don’t write a whole book in your Tinder bio because no one will actually read it and you will come across as boring.

3. Use emoji’s in your Bio

Some people will tell you not to use emoji’s because they are childish. Don’t listen to them! Emoji’s will make your Tinder bio sparkle.

Make it colorful

Adding a couple of emoji’s to your Tinder bio makes it more colorful and gives it a nice visual effect. As explained in point 2, not every single lady will take her time to read your bio. Including emoji’s in your bio will allows those ‘I have no time’ ladies to still get the idea without actually having to read the whole thing.

Emoji’s attracts attention

See your Tinder bio as a children’s book: do kids spend their time reading the text or do they look at the images first? Correct: images will be the first thing they will see. If you want ladies to play close attention to your bio, you have to be able to attract their attention with a couple of emoji’s.

Watch out! Don’t overdo it.

Remember that the aim of you using emoji’s is simply to add a nice visual effect to your bio. It’s not a Picasso painting. Also, don’t go for a bio with emoji’s only: that’s a red flag.


Never use those.

🍆 💦 🍑 😈 🔞

You can forget about every single one of those emoji’s in your bio. No explanations needed, right? Refer to point 7 in case you really don’t get it.

Take it to the next level!

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4. Be positive in your Tinder Bio

Coronavirus, Black Lives Matter, Afghanistan, etc.: the last few monts have been pretty bad. You turn the television on and all you see is bad news. Damn boy.

Positivity is key

Now more than ever, positivity has become key for online daters. No one wants to date a depressed person. Ladies are after a man that will bring some sunshine to their life. A man who will make them laugh and put a smile on their face. So yes, being positive in your bio will get you more matches!

But how do you show positivity on Tinder? In your pictures! It’s pretty simple: a big smile will do the job. If you want to know more about Tinder photos, check out the article I wrote last month!

How to be positive in your bio?

Start by making sure you stay away from these 4 red flags:

  • Don’t complain about anything. Yes, the last few months sucked and so what?
  • Sharing your personal problems. This is Tinder, not a therapy session.
  • No, not every woman on Tinder sucks (if you write that, you do).
  • Don’t be racist/sexist.

Want to know THE number one tip regarding your Tinder bio that will make ladies swipe right on you? Make sure to pay attention to point 9!

5. Mind your grammar in your Tinder Bio

Spelling mistakes. Grammatical errors. There is nothing, literally nothing, that will turn off ladies more than that.

Writing ‘ur’ instead of ‘your’

Seriously… what are you going to do with that half second you saved writing ‘ur’ instead of ‘your’? Plus, every single phone keyboard on planet Earth has a grammar corrector. You literally have no excuses.

Correct grammar is required

You don’t have to write a poem, but normal, correct spelling/use of grammar is required in order to get matches. Also, don’t forget to use punctuation properly (see example below).

Avoid these mistakes

If you decide to write your Tinder bio in English, avoid these common mistakes:
They’re their
Your ur
Leaving living
Interesting intresting


6. Never mention those

You want to know the biggest mistake EVERYONE makes when it comes to Tinder bios? Being boring. Remember, your goal must always be to stand out in a positive way. Ladies have plenty of choices on dating apps. So why should they swipe right on you and not on the next guy?

You need to stand out.

Mentioning words like ‘travel’, ‘entrepreneur’ or ‘fitness’ in your Tinder bio won’t make you stand out. Why? Because that’s what everybody else does. Seriously… who doesn’t love to go on holidays?


Examples you shouldn’t write in your bio

The list of stuff you shouldn’t mention in your bio is pretty long. In addition to the 3 magic words stated above, here are some other examples of stuff you shouldn’t mention in your Tinder bio:

1. Your height

Unless you’re a midget or a giant, no need to mention it. Another classic mistake. See the example below: being 1m83 is perfectly normal for a dude. No need to bring that up in your bio, really.


2. 420 friendly

You enjoy rolling and smoking joint. Good for you. But according to a study led by the World Health Organization, less than 9% of women smoke across the globe. Which, as you could have guessed, means that less than 1 woman out of 10 smokes. By posting a picture of yourself smoking or mentioning ‘420 friendly’ in your bio, you close the door to 90% of ladies. You don’t want to do that to yourself, do you?


3. Your location, name and age

They are literally mentioned right above so why would you put it in your bio?


4. Quarantine made me do this

No it didn’t. Same for ‘bored, entertain me’. This is Tinder, not Netflix.

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5. Last person who matches has to send the first message

Man up, be a gentleman and come up with a good opener that will provoke a positive reaction on her side. No idea what to say to ladies? Find out the 10 best Tinder tips here!


6. Baby is not mine

Well, don’t upload a photo with a baby then. One of the worst Tinder bios of all time, really.


Link up your photos to your bio

You are doing something funny on your photo? Posing alongside somebody famous? Make sure to bring that up in your bio for better engagement.

7. No sex

A big mistake you could make when it comes to your Tinder bio is mentioning anything sex-related. It is a HUGE turn off for every single woman.

Put yourself in a lady’s shoes for a second. Would you swipe right on a guy because he mentions he is looking for a slave or only wants one-night stands? Probably not.


Here are the top 3 mistakes guys make when it comes to mentioning anything sexual in their bio:

1. Talking about your sexual preferences

‘Foot fetish’, ‘dominant’, ‘looking for a slave’ or ‘swipe right if you’re into BDSM’: don’t use those words if you are wanting to get matches. Why? Because it is rude.

Is mentioning you have a foot fetish the first thing you will say to somebody you have just met on a night out? No. So why would you do it on Tinder then?


Let’s talk numbers for a second.

Realistically, out of 100 women, how many are willing to have their foot licked by some random guy they met on Tinder? 1? 2? Maybe 3? Mentioning you have a foot fetish in your Tinder bio closes the door to at least 97% of ladies. Not a good idea and it’s the numbers who say so 🧑‍🏫

2. ONS only

Even if a one-night stand is all you are after on Tinder, putting it out loud in your bio won’t work. That’s probably one of the worst things you can mention in your bio. Don’t do it. Really.

Same goes for lines like ‘just here for fun’ or ‘not here to find my soulmate, just want to enjoy myself’.

3. Sugar daddy offers

Offering your ‘services’ as a sugar daddy is not something attractive and it won’t get you matches. Ok so you shouldn’t mention anything sexual in your Tinder bio… but what shall you write then? What kinds of bios work best? Discover it in point 9!

8. Be Different

If you want to be different, you need to know how to be different in the first place!

Stand out in a positive way

1m85, love to travel and do crossfit. Pro: can cook great pancakes. Con: will eat them all’. 

Probably the most common bio ever.

If you look at it closely, there is actually nothing too bad about it. No girls will ever swipe left on you because you like to travel and can cook great pancakes. How boring is that?! Literally every single dude has got that bio. Remember: your goal must always be to stand out in a positive way.

Think outside of the box

Being different means thinking outside of the box. Coming up with a bio that will pick ladies’ curiosity. A Tinder bio that when ladies read it they will want to swipe right and engage in a conversation with you straight away. The explanations given in point 9 should help you craft the perfect Tinder bio.

Look at what the competition does

Spend 5 minutes swiping on boys instead of girls. Read their bio and see what kind of Tinder bios the guys living in your city like to go for.

You will be able to better understand what ‘standing out in a positive way’ means

Those 5 minutes swiping on men will help you notice a few things and you will be able to better understand what ‘standing out in a positive way’ means. You will realize that there is a lot of stuff that tends to come back very often.

How to do it? You have got 2 options.

First one: you simply switch your settings in your very own Tinder, which is the easiest and quickest way to do it. That will display the homosexual boys around you but that doesn’t matter.

Second option: you ask a lady friend to use her Tinder and swipe together.

9. The Golden Rule

Let’s look at the Golden Rule I have been teasing you about in this article. If you did carefully read the 8 points above, you should have a better understanding of what girls consider red flags when it comes to Tinder bios.

But how to achieve success like this screenshot below?


The answer is simple: ask a question

Asking a question in your Tinder bio is THE number one thing that you have to do to upgrade your Tinder game. The aim of asking a question is to provoke a reaction. We want ladies to swipe right on you and to come and talk to you straight after! Women have to be dying to answer that question.

Ask a question!

But what kind of question? Well, something provocative enough that will make ladies react. Something that everyone has a strong opinion about.


Tea or coffee? ☕ 🌿
Not ideal. Why? Because some people like both tea and coffee.

Does pineapple belong on pizza? 🍍🍕
Way better! You either love pineapple on pizza or hate it. There is no in between.

That’s the sort of question you need to come up with; something that people have strong opinions about.

What should the question be about?

We want your profile to be liked by as many ladies as possible. Asking a question about a very specific topic might not be ideal for that.

Concrete example: you like Crossfit and ask in your bio “What’s your favorite WOD?”. Ladies who don’t train Crossfit won’t have a clue what you are talking about.

Here are a bunch of topics that most women enjoy discussing: food, travel, tv/Netflix shows, cool restaurants, music, books, etc.

Should it be an open question?

It doesn’t have to be. As long as the question is provocative enough, you are good to go.

Should you put more info than simply a question?

Up to you, really.

Just a question and no personal info works perfectly. This is Tinder, not LinkedIn, no need to mention your resumé in your bio for example. A quick, simple and provocative question can be enough.

If you feel like adding a few personal pieces of info, feel free to do so. Simply keep in mind everything that has been explained in the previous points and you are good to go.

To sum it up, always add a question in your bio.
It will allow you to stand out and provoke a reaction. Can you imagine? Doing nothing, simply opening your Tinder and having ladies coming and talk to you? Dream scenario.

The end

Hopefully this article has given you have a better understanding of what makes the perfect Tinder bio, what the red flags are, what you shouldn’t do, and the clichés to stay away from.

Crafting the perfect Tinder bio is not as hard as it seems. If you did unlock the Golden Rule, you could see that just a few words can a have a big positive impact on the number of matches you are getting.

A good bio can also help you provoke a reaction

That will lead to ladies coming to talk to you in the first place. You won’t even have to come up with an opening line anymore!

Quick Summary:

  • Write something in your bio
  • Write something in your bio
  • Don’t post anything longer than 8 lines
  • Sparkle your bio with a few emoji’s
  • Mind your grammar
  • Don’t be a cliché: try to stand out
  • Avoid bringing up anything sex related
  • Never forget the golden rule

Rate your current bio

Now that you have read the best tips, how would you rate your current bio from 1 to 10? Let me know on Instagram!

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