How I became the Tindersurfer

I was just a random teenager…

Born and raised in Brussels, I was just a regular, normal Belgian teenager with nothing big going on in his life. To be honest, I was never really the kind of guy who attracted girls. I spent most of my time at the front of the class listening to what the teacher had to say. Ladies? I was way to shy to go and actually talk to them!


… and then I discovered Tinder

In 2015 friends of mine convinced me to download Tinder. I coudn’t believe it: how come there were so many single ladies living in my neighbourhood? Where were they all this time? I quickly noticed that some stuff worked better than others. In just a few months time, I had already been on dozens on dates with women from different horizons.

I used Tinder to travel worldwide…

Wanting to go on one last epic roadtrip before starting my career, I came up with the Tindersurfing concept back in spring 2017.  The idea is pretty simple: travelling around Europe without spending my nights in hostels or Airbnb’s: only Tinder. More than 20 ladies across 8 countries opened me their door and let me sleep at their place. One epic adventure that’s for sure!

… and now I am a Tinder coach ?

While swiping on boys for one of my YouTube video, I realized that plenty of guys were actually pretty good looking but could not sell themselves. Too many gym photos, too many elevator selfies and so on. I decided it was time for me to share my knowledge and help men to craft the perfect Tinder profile. I have now helped almost 500 guys across the world. A better profile for more matches on dating apps like Tinder, Bumble but also Hinge or OkCupid. Sharing is caring!